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Due to our specialty services and experience, we have a sizable number of patients that fly in from all over the United States.  They typically contact us via internet searches and arrange services before arriving.  Hotel accommodations are available a couple blocks from the office at Hampton Inn & Suites Oakland Airport-Alameda. We are also located conveniently for bus service and Alameda-Oakland ferry (2 blocks away).

2187 Harbor Bay Parkway

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Office View

Alameda, California  94502
Telephone Number:  510.522.6828
Faxcimile Number:    510.522.0877

321 Highway 49, Suite #3

Sutter Creek, California 95685
Faxcimile Number: 209.267.1538
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  1. Sanjay Singh says:

    Hi Dr.,
    I am sending my medical condition below.
    I have gait balance issues, low slurry speech, slow & unclear handwriting and bladder issues, weakness in spine etc. I have been suffering from this condition since 2007. I have been diagnosed with MSA (multiple systems atrophy) also called Parkinson Plus.
    I have seen many of local neurologists, acupuncturist , local homeopathic doctor, I recently went to N Delhi for a stem cell treatment.The Brain Spect post treatment looks very good, but clinical (practical) changes have not occurred yet. I have seen many of your videos and am impressed. You might have a solution for me. What do you recommend? In your estimation how long the cure will take? What is your price?

    • admin says:

      I would recommend a jaw alignment check. It is suspected that jaw misalignment could cause elevated substance P which then causes down regulation of nerve growth factor, leading to a fall off in substance P production. Treatment cost vary, generally for most complete TMJ conditions (includes orthodontics) around 7000.00, consult is 245.00. Dr. J

      Auton Neurosci. 2001 Sep 17;92(1-2):86-91.
      Decrease of substance P in the parabrachial nucleus of multiple system atrophy.
      Nomura H1, Konno H, Takase S, Saito H.
      Author information

      In the parabrachial nucleus (PBN), which has been known to play an important regulating role for various autonomic functions, many projecting nerve fiber terminals containing substance P (SP) from the nucleus of the solitary tract (NTS) and other areas are found and effect a modulatory influence on the transmission in the PBN. Postmortem brains were obtained from four multiple system atrophy (MSA) patients with autonomic failure and four control patients without any nervous disease, and an immunohistochemical staining for SP was performed on serial 10-microm-thick sections from paraffin-embedded pons including the PBN after immersion fixation in 10% formalin. In the PBN of all MSA patients, a marked decrease in SP-like immunoreactive (SPLI) nerve fiber terminals was revealed compared with the controls. In addition, an obvious astrocytosis was found in the PBN by simultaneous histopathological evaluation, for the preservation of neurons themselves. Therefore, the projecting SP pathway to the PBN may also be primarily involved in the pathophysiological mechanism of the autonomic failure of MSA patients.


  2. Carol Nickless says:


    I am 61 years old and my health issues are primarily musculo-skeletal. Neurological issues are now becoming manifest. I sustained multiple left side fractures d/t a MVA in 1983 and have had many corrective surgeries including TKRs.

    Recently, I was diagnosed with bilateral TMJ. I lost left side upper and lower molars several years ago which contributed to unilateral chewing. Most recently, I have experienced chronic HAs and tinnitis. My dentist diagnosed a perio-endo lesion which resolved with ABX tx. Although the HAs and tinnitis have lessened in severity, they persist.

    Although I am planning to have bone grafts and implants done with the hope of restoring balanced chewing, I am considering the possibility of TMJ treatment first.

    I am very interested to know your opinion of my condition and suggestions. I live in San Luis Obispo which is relatively close to your office.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    • admin says:

      You should start the TMJ treatment and get the jaw fairly well aligned, but you would want to finalize it after the implants are in but before final crowns are made. This is because implants will decompress TMJ better than soft tissue support. Dr. J

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