Dr. Dwight Jennings

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Dr. Dwight Jennings

Dr. Dwight Jennings

Dr. Dwight Jennings limited his practice to TMJ and dental medicine over twenty-five years ago.  He has one of the few practices in the Bay Area that is limited exclusively to orofacial pain and TMJ treatment. His extensive experience in this area, coupled with his clinical research has created an unusual expertise in TMJ treatment.

Dr. Dwight Jennings graduated from the University of Pacific School of Dentistry in 1976.  He practiced general dentistry for ten years prior to limiting his practice to TMJ and dental medicine.  Currently, his practice is limited exclusively to applications of dental orthopedics.

Dr. Dwight Jennings has been involved in broad areas of clinical research that have resulted in new therapies for a large number of medical disorders associated with TMJ.  He has developed an expertise in the clinical effects of “substance P“, the pain neurotransmitter which becomes elevated with long term bite disturbances.  He has published on a connection between TMJ and Parkinsons (see ParkinsonsTMJ.com).  Most recently he has been investigating the connection between bite misalignment and its impact on developmental disorders.

His practice in Alameda is located near the Oakland Airport (end of the runway).  We provide services to clients throughout the western United States.  Hotel accommodations are just a few blocks away (Hampton Inn and Suites).  Bus and ferry services are available nearby.

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