Oakland Headache Treatment

Oakland headache treatment:

Oakland headache treatment is about curing headaches.  Solving the headache mystery is difficult for the medical profession as they are poorly educated as to the cause of headaches. Most medical practitioners have only been taught the proper pharmaceutical approach to headaches, not causation.  Yet, researchers are very clear as to the cause of headaches: hyper sensitization of trigeminal and upper cervical nerves that supply the skin surrounding the brain (see article).  The hyper sensitization is caused by neuropeptides substance P and calictonin gene related peptide, compounds that are released most often when the trigeminal nerve is overactive with jaw misalignment.

Oakland Headache treatment

Headache treatment

When the trigeminal nerve is hyper sensitized, treatment has to be done very precisely or the trigeminal nerve will react negatively and cause more headaches.  This is often the case for headache patients that have tried dental therapeutics- it only makes them worse because it was not done precisely.  At Oakland headache treatment, our precise dental orthopedic treatment is based on 35 years experience in pain management, extensive training in neuromuscular dentistry, and thorough knowledge of dental orthopedics.

Treatment at Oakland headache treatment involves jaw repositioning with removable dental appliances.  Treatment with this modality is non-invasive, reversible, and without the side effects often found with medications.  Prior orthodontic treatment is often a contributor as the teeth are frequently cosmetically aligned without proper jaw orthopedic alignment.  In fact, jaw orthopedic therapy often has many beneficial side effects.

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